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When you find yourself in a financial mess and wonder just how you are going to meet next month's mortgage, you'll be pleased to learn that fast cash for your home and closing the deal can all be wrapped up inside 14 days. Many people in New York are still struggling to make ends meet following crippling economic downturns that hit the US back in 2007.

The situation was exacerbated because so many people across New York and America had jumped on board the gravy train and bought their homes. The hope was to invest in property and watch the house value grow and grow, just as it had been doing so for years up until the moment house prices crashed and the global economy turned inside out.

Many people were homeowners and as long as they kept their jobs and their house prices continued to rise, things were always going to look rosy in the future. However, it was not to be and millions of Americans found themselves out of work after their employers made cut backs on staff and the value of the homes they were in froze and even dropped back a little.

The situation is still very volatile right now and foreclosure is a very real threat for millions of homeowners who are struggling to meet the monthly mortgage payments. However, Cash Buyers NYC has an answer. The solution to imminent foreclosure is to sell your home quickly, pay off your lender and do everything to avoid foreclosure inside just two weeks.

If you need to sell your home within a week, then Cash Buyers NYC can help you out right there. Cash Buyers NYC has been buying homes since 2001 and we have experience in doing the deal very quickly while giving you top dollar for your home. We specialize and cover the five boroughs of New York and we will not worry about the condition of your home either.

You may be concerned that the bathroom and bedroom needs to be urgently decorated, you could have double glazed windows that have blown or you may have worn and damaged carpets; do not worry, we will buy houses or apartments that are in any kind of condition and with any kind of shabby appearance.

If you are about to undergo foreclosure then Cash Buyers NYC are there to help – what's more our help is free of charge!

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    We close quickly and purchase properties throughout the New York Metro Area. We handle all paperwork. There are No Costs or Brokerage Fees associated with our services.
  • Is your home worth less the mortgage balance? Have financial problems caused you to be late on payments of your mortgage? Is your lender commencing legal proceedings against you?
    Our team of professionals can negotiate with the bank and help you stop the foreclosure process.
    Do Not Wait. You must act now to preserve your rights.
  • Has the unfortunate death of a family member or friend left you with an inherited home that you wish to sell quickly? In these emotional and delicate times our experience can help you deal with issues such as Probates, Wills, Multiple Heirs and Title.

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