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Cash Buyers NYC are a real estate investment company based in Brooklyn, New York. If you need to sell your house or apartment, and it has to be done soon, then you have arrived at just the right people to help you swiftly through this process in a fuss-free, easy manner. Cash Buyers NYC has been around since 2001 and we have been buying homes fast ever since. There are five boroughs within New York that we specialize in. Cash Buyers NYC will give you top dollar for your home regardless of what condition it is in.

You will actually receive cash for your home within 24 hours because we will make you an offer that you can consider and avoid the pain and humiliation of foreclosure from your mortgage lender. We offer free help for foreclosure victims and can help those that are having problems paying off the monthly mortgage fees to their lenders. It may be that you are behind on your mortgage payments and the lender or bank has been writing to you and asking for payment. You may be receiving letters threatening you with foreclosure. But rather than despair, Cash Buyers NYC has a solution to this problem and can help you directly by avoiding the process of foreclosure.

In New York, as is the way across America, many people have lost their jobs through redundancy or financial cut backs. The financial crash or credit crunch that swept across the globe in 2007 has meant times are hard for many people who had purchased property when the real estate market was booming. But now those same people have found they have no job but still need to keep up the repayments on their mortgage. We at Cash Buyers NYC can help people, just like you, who are in a situation where keeping up the payments on a mortgage has suddenly become almost impossible.

It may well be that a short sale is the answer to all your problems. At Cash Buyers NYC we will assess your financial situation, look at what you owe your lender and determine the best way forward to get out of your sticky situation. We will determine if a short sale is right for you. Lenders will always look at alternative methods to foreclosure because it is in their best interests to settle up by other methods.

Our Main Services


    We close quickly and purchase properties throughout the New York Metro Area. We handle all paperwork. There are No Costs or Brokerage Fees associated with our services.
  • Is your home worth less the mortgage balance? Have financial problems caused you to be late on payments of your mortgage? Is your lender commencing legal proceedings against you?
    Our team of professionals can negotiate with the bank and help you stop the foreclosure process.
    Do Not Wait. You must act now to preserve your rights.
  • Has the unfortunate death of a family member or friend left you with an inherited home that you wish to sell quickly? In these emotional and delicate times our experience can help you deal with issues such as Probates, Wills, Multiple Heirs and Title.

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